About us

We are Oriol Boada and Oriol Romero, 4th ESO B students of Petit Estel – La Nova de Terrassa. We are doing a gender equality project.

On the website you can find information of the phases and timeline of the feminism.

We have chosen this topic to give information and defend the feminism movement, historically and at the present. We think that it is important to have knowladge and act to change the actuality. 

                           ORIOL BOADA



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Esther Ruiz
Esther Ruiz
5 months ago

I think it’s fantastic teenagers like you are involved in this kind of projects and are aware of what’s going on around us. Wanting to help raise awareness about feminism among society is great.
I think the web is understandable and easy to use, which is something I always appreciate. The idea of including both videos and photographs is good too since it makes the website interesting.

Last edited 5 months ago by Esther Ruiz